It Probably Already Exists

I consider myself pretty tech savvy. I've been using a computer for more than 28 years. In the beginning, I dreamed of what I'd like my computer to do. I thought up crazy things like recording my voice and storing it as a file, live chatting, playing games with people remotely and watching live TV from faraway locales. Years later, nearly all of my ideas have come to fruition in the marketplace.

Nowadays, particularly with the Internet, I find it hard to dream something up that isn't already available. In most cases, for free! While many feel the Internet revolution revolves around search and email, the real revolution is in online software.

So, next time you want your computer to do something new, start a Google search. You're likely to find it. Here are some examples:

And, if you find something you like, go thank an advertiser! Yes, it's the very same invasive advertisers with their voracious appetite to categorize, analyze and scrutinize their potential online customers that are funding these web applications. They continue to pour billions of dollars into R&D budgets of thousands of software companies in order to attract your attention to whatever they're peddling.

Well, they certainly have my attention. And I, for one, don't mind looking past a few banner ads to get all those cool free online programs.