After spending 15 years in New York City chasing my career dreams, I made the smart move of focusing on my family’s best interests.

I now reside in Miami, Florida where my wife and two kids have a backyard, good weather and are surrounded by family.

For myself, I continue to be the ultra-organized person my family and friends have come to expect. They’ll tell you that you can’t find a place in my house that doesn’t have a label on it. Kidding aside, that is what makes me tick. I enjoy working efficiency and productively. I will bring these assets to your project and technology needs.

Everyone has a passion...my first is communications. I enjoy taking an idea or story from its inception to the delivery stage, giving it the care and attention required to have maximum impact.

My second passion is technology. I'm always looking at all the latest technology trends and will apply them for your real-world use.

Another passion is finding good companies and good customer support. Since I strive to deliver excellence in my work, I enjoy sharing my notable consumer experiences, acting as a consumer advocate of sorts. Check out the latest in my Consumer Corner section...