iPhone 2.0 Release Date

For nearly a year, I've suppressed my desire to buy an iPhone. Three months ago, my wife started hounding me for one. There is a lot of pent up demand for something shiny and useful in our household. Much to both our chagrin, I think we'll be waiting a bit longer.

Call me crazy, but I'm predicting the new iPhone 2.0 hardware will launch on the same day as Apple releases their business-centric 2.0 software...and that day will be Friday, June 27, 2008. As a long-time fan of Apple products, you start to see marketing patterns and synergistic strategies repeat themselves. It only makes sense that they release the software and hardware at the same time. Apart, they are good product launches. Together, they are stellar. Last year's June 29th iPhone launch was a home run for sure. Do you really think Apple will stand at the plate and not shoot for a grand slam this time?

Call it a Steve Jobs orchestration with a mix of AT&T appeasement. I am sure that Apple could ramp up production of the new iPhone hardware much sooner than June 27th, but two hurdles stand in their way to rushing the product to market. First, they need to absolutely nail the business software. If they can release a nearly flawless software platform for business, watch out Blackberry. You'll be toast. Second, with Apple twice criticized in the last year with how they have handled iPhone price reductions and memory upgrades, they'll cool their jets until the one year anniversary to make more cahnges. AT&T is also served well by this date. With high-profile press leaks of the new iPhone 2.0 impending release, they'll need to carefully control how they manage their inventory.

So what do I expect in the new iPhone? Honestly, I think the idea of two cameras is neat, but unlikely. 3G is a lock. I bet it will have a removable battery. Otherwise, businesses will have a real reason to say 'no' once again. GPS I'd give 3:2 odd on. I think there is a reasonable shot that the screen technology might change a bit to eek out even more battery life and save space.

Software surprises are likely in store as well. While developers certainly are looking at the second SDK and testing the new business side of the iPhone, I'll hazard to guess that Apple is holding back some consumer improvements. Voice dialing is a sorely missed item on the current version, so I think you'll see that. I also think you might see a video capture (from the existing lens) with direct upload to YouTube. Dot.Mac syncing and deeper ties into life publishing are also areas of likely improvements.

Time will tell. Regardless, my wife and I are going to be waiting at the doors of our local Apple Store on the first day. We've waited long enough to join the revolution...