You Mean Radio Can Be Received Without Wires?

A new service was just introduced to the iPhone and iPod Touch communities called FlyTunes. It is a website that is designed specifically for the small screens of those devices (it'll work on your full-scale browser too) and makes over 375 "radio stations" available for live streaming over WiFi or EDGE. What a concept!

So, looking more closely... This is a free audio service that will put (relatively) low quality audio at your fingertips virtually anywhere you get an Internet connection. Pardon the lack of excitement.

I am hoping that this site is working on the bells and whistles to make it stand out. So far, it sounds a lot like AM radio to me. As a society, we have left this technology in the dust. If we want localized community, we do use traditional radio. If we want quality, this certainly can't deliver. And, if we want genre-specific micro-programming, we use an iPod. Oh, that's right... the very same device this service was designed to run on.

For FlyTunes to be successful, we'll need to see significant social networking features. We'll need single-click "purchase with iTunes" functionality. Sure, this site is nothing more than re-aggregating content from other sources, so the costs to program are low, but there is not much "there" to FlyTunes.

I figure its the dead-pool for this site within 9 months...