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The power of technology today is simply amazing. When harvested and applied correctly, it produces tremendous success.

As a technology consultant, I meet brilliant people daily. And, while experts in their field, people often need additional vision to harness technology to gain an edge. Media Motions Technology Consulting is that vision.

We all see things differently. Yet, working together we can achieve a common vision. For me, technology is nothing unless it’s useful. Using media and technology effectively is my passion. Working with people is my joy. Let me help you find your vision and put technology and media in motion for you.

Since 1991, I have run a boutique technology consulting operation in conjunction with several ambitious “daytime” careers. It allows me to empower individual and SMB customers to achieve goals outside their core competency. I stay on top of the latest technologies, innovations and techniques on your behalf.

Beyond technology consulting, I also enjoy using this site as my public voice. Please explore and interact. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!